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DSMW is a small branch of our company that came to be  in the early months of 2020 because of our desire to help the thousands of doctors, nurses and first responders who were suddenly in short supply of medical masks.  Many of these frontline heros were forced to reuse their disposable masks for long periods of time in high risk situations.  Not to mention our many essential workers out there who had little or no protection as they kept the Nation going. 


 With over 40 years of sewing expertise, our small business wanted to do something to help.  


 After many hours of research and prototypes, we are thankful to be able to offer a product like the COPPER TOP mask.  It is our prayer that our efforts in this time of need, along with yours, will get us ALL moving again in a positive direction! 


Our Team at DocSilverMedicalWear.com

Points of Interest

  • Our masks are designed and manufactured in the United States of America.

  • Not only do our masks contain copper and silver materials but they also contain a water resistant, polypropylene filter.

  •   This mask is reusable as long as no damage is visible on the mask.

  • Our masks are sized to be able to add an additional layer of protection when used over the N95 mask.

  • We have heard and read about many research projects being conducted to test the anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of copper and silver.

However, we do not make any claims and we do not provide any guarantee to stop bacteria and viruses from passing through the mask. 


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