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This product is not a medical device nor is it regulated by the FDA.


This copper filter is plated with 99.9% pure copper and can be used as a copper filter for masks. 

4" x 3.5" inches


8" x 7"    inches

This item is shipped folded for best shipping price.


The material weighs 100g per square meter.

This Copper Plated Material is washable by hand in a ziplock bag with cool water and neutral ph soap shake vigorously. Take it out of bag and rinse with water and then pat dry with a clean dry towel. Washable up to 250 washes.

This copper material is easy to sew.


Keep in mind this is a metal plated material.  It can tarnish as any real copper material will. Hand creams are known to cause tarnish spots.

Copper Mask Filter, Copper Plated Filter

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