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Copper Mask Filters. Why You Should A Consider A Copper Filter In Your Cloth Mask?

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Why include a copper filter your cloth mask? Copper kills. Coronavirus is not the first or last virus that is going to disrupt our lives. We at Doc Silver Copper Top face mask R&D are utilizing copper and silver against bacterias and viruses in our copper masks to reduce their infectivity.

Adding a copper filter to a homemade cloth mask should be seriously considered. They are available on the home page and they make a great filter insert for N95 users.

History of copper goes all the way back thousands of years before Christ. In recent times science is telling us to use copper again in the fight against viruses.

infectivity noun

in·​fec·​tiv·​i·​ty | \ ˌin-ˌfek-ˈtiv-ət-ē \

plural infectivities

Medical Definition of infectivity : the quality of being infective : the ability to produce infection specifically : a tendency to spread rapidly from host to host—

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