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Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Why Is Silver an Important Component In Our Copper Masks?

The silver and copper combined together in the copper mask made by Doc Silver Copper Top are the best copper masks in America. It is well known across the Middle East and Europe that Doc Silver Copper Top materials are the most costly fabric used in a face mask.

Silver cloth used in the Doc Silver Copper Top Mask "Essential" is the identical product used by doctors for silver bandages. Silver has a natural effect against bacteria, fungi. That makes the silver cloth useful in treating burn patients, whose damaged skin is vulnerable to bacterial infection.

So why is silver used in a Doc Silver Copper Top face mask?

Our copper mask is combined with silver, to help sanitize the inside of our copper mask, and to help reduce or eliminate bacteria growth inside the copper mask.

Doctors are now beginning to find patients with lower respiratory lung infections caused by the improper use of cloth and disposable face masks. Masks breed bacteria and viruses, they can't kill anything. Proper disposable is the only way to stop infection.

The surgical mask was designed for the protection of patients not the wearer, during surgery and disposed of after 30 minutes of use. The same with N95. I have been told by doctors the N95 is not to be used more than 2 hours. N95 cannot typically protect the wearer from viruses, because the viruses are many times smaller than the N95 can filter. The idea of the N95 is to create an electrically charged "tortured path" for the virus to travel through and in doing so, hope that the virus will attach itself to other trapped larger particles. This is the theorized idea behind the N95.

Bacteria is like a human being... It needs oxygen, food and moisture. Ask any Dentist whats in your mouth.

When you need to wear a face mask for extended periods of time consider the risks. Bacteria from your mouth, deposits colonies inside your face mask. The bacterial colonies will doubles in size every 20 minutes. Cotton face masks are worn all day in the work places breeding bacterias colonies by the millions, causing possible health conditions.

It does not take a scientist to tell us that wearing bacteria laden cotton mask, is unhealthy. Ask any Doctor or Dentist whats in your mouth. He or she can explain the benefits of wearing your cotton mask with a copper filter, or using a Doc Silver Copper Top Mask with both silver and copper in it. A copper mask combined with silver over a N95, in extreme conditions, and gives the user and those around him or her better protection.

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