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How Often Should I Wash My New Copper Top Face Mask?

Updated: May 25, 2020

There have been some questions concerning the washing of our copper face masks. In addition to the care instructions, we have been asked, "How many washes?", "How often?", etc. (Bad odors come from the bacteria in your mouth, with 80% Relative Humidity and 90 degree breath, it is the perfect breeding conditions to double the bacteria colonies in your mask every 20 minutes. This include inside normal masks, cotton homemade masks, including medical masks. that's why disposable masks are not to be worn more the 30 minutes) Consult you doctor, for the benefits of real copper and real silver face masks.

Caution, of course as with all real copper face masks with real silver fabrics, avoid face and hand creams. They will spot and stain the copper face masks.

Of course, the frequency of washing will depend a lot on each individual use and preference. They should be routinely washed depending on the frequency of use. If you wear the mask outdoors in the heat, you will most likely have the desire to wash your mask more frequently than if you wore it in an air-conditioned facility for the same amount of time.

The Executive and Essential models have the copper plated exterior layer, the non-woven polypropylene middle layer, and the inner lining made with 99.9% silver plated material. We have washed these models, using our care instructions (listed below) up to 150 times and they are still in usable condition. With abusive treatment the face masks will deteriorate quickly.

Due to the special properties of copper and silver, these masks are designed to be worn for longer periods of time, such as the whole work day. We have had feedback that some people have used the mask for multiple days without washing, and they say that the mask still smells fresh! Internet inquiries have proven helpful to locating many articles and research results that point to the special properties of silver and copper and how they interact with bacteria, fungi, and viruses. There is a wealth of information, all at your fingertips! Consult your doctor for the known benefits of copper and silver face masks.

The Everyday and Basic models are designed to be worn for shorter periods of time such as running an errand or grocery shopping. They have the same great copper exterior, and the middle and inner linings are made with non-woven polypropylene material. Because there is no inner lining of silver-plated material to interact with bacteria coming from your nose and mouth, we recommend that these masks be washed after each use.

Washing instructions:

We recommend placing 1 cup of cool water and 10 drops Woolite Delicate Detergent into a Ziploc bag.

Shake gently for 1 minute. (Water will begin to turn dark, that is normal).

Rinse 2 times with cool water.

Pat dry with a paper towel (do not wring out).

Press dry the face mask flat, with a heavy object between several paper towels to keep the creases pressed.

Hang to dry or blow-dry carefully--so as not to melt it.

Do not use masks that are damaged or melted.

Or can simply sanitize:

Spritz (do not soak) with 90% isopropyl alcohol on both sides of mask, then place inside a Ziploc bag, seal and leave stand for 10 minutes.

Remove and hang dry only.

David Erickson

Real Silver & Copper Face Masks 

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