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Why Don't Doc Silver Copper Top Executive and Essential Face Masks Have Disposable Filter Pockets?

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Doc Silver Copper Top Executive face mask has 2 filters.

The lives of our loved ones are priceless. The example I give is that for $150 in food, we buy a $3000.00 refrigerator. For our loved ones, who are priceless to us, we spend $39.95 on a fashionable homemade cotton mask that does little to protect them. If you have to wear a mask, wear one worth wearing.

Doctors recommend the Doc Silver Copper Top mask with 99.9% pure copper and 99.9% pure silver "self sanitizing" face masks. All face masks traditionally worn by health care providers and the general public do not have any anti-viral, anti-fungal or anti-bacterial properties in the fabric. Ask your doctor about the benefits of Copper and Silver in your new Doc Silver Copper Top mask. Our face masks do not contain copper infused cotton materials. Doctors recommend that every fiber of Copper Filters contain 99.9% pure copper, as ours do..

We only recommend washing about once a week to clean off facial oils and makeup otherwise the medical grade 99.9% pure silver on the Doc Silver Copper Top sanitizes the inside of the mask from bacteria from one's mouth. Everyone has sneezed on a cotton handkerchief then let it set, and smelled the foul bacteria after it sets a few minutes.

There are many Youtube videos being made by doctors and nurses encouraging people to sew homemade cotton masks with pockets. Some are using extremely dangerous hepa filter vacuum bags containing chopped fiberglass fibers as inserts in the homemade masks.

Covid-19 virus loves paper filter products and can set up home and multiply to millions of colonies overnight, waiting for you to inhale them, the next morning you wear your homemade mask.

Cotton homemade masks need filter pockets because there is no protection provided by the cotton mask material.

The Doc Silver Copper Top Executive and Essential masks have 2 filters inside between the copper and silver already.

We find the Doc Silver Copper Top Executive mask is self sanitizing with the silver facing the mouth and the copper on the outside.

Our approach is a little different to filtration. We don't talk about microns and pm 2.5 etc. Covid -19 is so small that it can pass through any breathable mask including N95.

The theory is that the virus has to travel through a tortured path throughout the fabric and attach it self to a larger particle and become entrapped and not pass through the mask.

The Doc Silver Copper Top mask, requires the inhaled air to follow a tortured path over the pure 99.9% copper creating copper ions through 2 water resistant filters and then the 99.9% silver.

For silver to create ions, it needs a min. of 40% relative humidity above 70 degrees. As we exhale, 93 degree 90% RH air from our lungs through the 99.9% pure silver creates more ions throughout the fibers of the mask. Bacteria can't survive.

The science of copper and it’s effects are very well known against bacteria, fungi and virus is sited below in the Article written by Angela Vessey

“There is an agreement that bacteria will not develop resistance to copper. Professor Keevil explains; “Copper works in completely different ways to antibiotics and common biocides. It punches a hole in the cell membrane, like a balloon, and the bacteria collapse. It stops them respiring, goes into the cell and destroys their DNA.

Mutation happens because you get a small change in DNA in cells. The beauty of copper is it destroys the DNA; there’s nothing left. We’ve shown this for bacteria fungi and viruses. They can’t mutate. They have no time.”

Cotton in it’s self has no anti-viral or anti-bacterial properties. And neither do surgical and N95 masks. Millions of bacteria coming out of your mouth are trapped inside the cotton masks and with the perfect humid atmosphere coming out of your mouth reproduce DOUBLE EVERY 20 MINUTES. This cotton provides the base to breed bacteria rapidly and introduce it back into your lungs. This has been suggested to cause lower lung infections.

The cotton homemade masks require additional disposable inserts to help filter the user from dust and fluid particles.

I hope this helps you to begin to think why the costly pure copper and silver fabrics used in the Doc Silver Copper Top Executive and Essential masks are extremely important in this fight against pandemic we are now facing.

Order your own self sanitizing bacteria killing mask here. https://www.DocSilverMedicalWear.com

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